Happy Mother’s Day!

Filipino mothers all over the world celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday. My Facebook page and Facebook messenger had lots of messages. I greeted a lot of friends and I received a lot of greetings as well. I really felt loved.

My kids even gave me money from their own wallets. Caitlin gave me 20 pesos and Liam gave me 50 pesos.

20170515_102255Thank you, God for giving me thoughtful kids!

It was a normal morning for me. I did household chores and repotted some of my cacti and succulents. Nanay and I even had to ask my husband where he plans to take us for our special day. We were doing the grocery anyway so it was a given that we were going out. He was asking us where we wanted to go but I said it’s all up to him.

My husband first suggested Tagaytay but I felt that the place and the roads going there will be congested so I opted to go to Solenad 3 Nuvali, instead. So we all got ready to go out.

Here’s a picture of what Nanay and I wore for Mother’s Day.



I had a hard time parking. I entered via Solenad 3 at the gate facing S&R. I was hoping to get a parking slot there. My goodness! There were so many cars and a lot were still waiting. No free slot, and  a lot of waiting cars at the sides with their hazard lights on = bad prognosis for me. I proceeded to Solenad 2 parking to try my luck in case families who just went out for grocery would like to leave early. No luck, I circled the area twice. That’s when I suggested for my husband  to just go and order at Nonna’s. I waited for a good 15 minutes outside the establishment with my hazard light on and I still couldn’t park. My head was starting to throb from hunger and I can feel anger building up inside me. Luckily, my husband was thoughtful enough to check on me from time to time. He said they had their order already and the kids are comfortably seated. He let me go down so that I can eat.

And this was what greeted me.


Thank you Nonna’s for giving me and Nanay long stemmed roses!

We went to the Solenad 3 Cyber area to look for a laptop for me for my online job. I’ve been having a hard time since the hard drive of our desktop got filled up. We didn’t find anything my husband liked since there were so little choices. I wish Solenad or the malls around us would have more computer shops.

We transferred to SM Calamba and got this new baby Dell at Electroworld. So this is my first blog entry written with my new baby.

And these were the very first pictures taken with this new laptop to test its camera:


So that was how I spent my Mother’s Day with the ones I love. How did you spend yours?


Summer Basketball 2017

This Summer, I enrolled my son at the Don Bosco College Canlubang Summer Sports Program. I have two reasons: budget and convenience. Their summer program by far, is the most pocket-friendly in the area.

My son, didn’t like it at first. The training starts early, and Li, is at his laziest early in the morning. I’m glad I didn’t give up on him though we were always late. Aside from his BFF Sean, Li didn’t have any friends there because we were outsiders. He was also hesitant because he wasn’t sure if he would be able to communicate with them properly. He gets embarrassed when people laugh at him because he can’t speak Filipino well. During the first week, I literally had to pull him out of the bed, change his clothes, and drag him inside the car. He had no choice, or else he will be banned from using the gadgets. He had been playing basketball for over a year now as his after school sports. I didn’t want him to stop playing just because of the summer break.

I’m glad I chose Don Bosco Canlubang this Summer. God-willing, I want Li to train with them again next summer. There were 8 of them during the first module. Coach Jimmy and Coach Lester handled them so well. The coaches were very patient and very strict, but friendly when they correct the way the kids do their exercises.

20170407_074427 - Copy


20170330_074913 - Copy

Ball Drills

The coaches are really dedicated in teaching the kids the correct form. They always explain why certain things have to be done in a certain way. Coach Lester always shows them how the wrist should look like when one shoots. He tells them not to jump when shooting the ball from the from throw line. They are quick to call out fouls during games and they explain why it shouldn’t be done.

As time went by, sometime during the middle of the first week, Liam seemed to enjoy training and didn’t have to be pulled out of bed anymore. He made friends with some of the kids there and he seemed to have enjoyed chitchats with the coaches after training.

20170330_091239 - Copy

And while he did his training, I got to read. Don Bosco Canlubang’s campus is really nice. There were lots of trees, lots of fresh air, the people were friendly. Very conducive for reading.

The program lasts for 10 sessions. During the last day, the kids were given a certifcate for completing the first module.20170407_093910

We will surely miss the coaches and the kids. Li had so much fun. He learned a lot from this program. 20170330_074949 - Copy

Thank you, Coach Jimmy and Coach Lester! Thank you for your patience and dedication.

See you next summer!

Almost There Nuvali

Our House is almost done but my husband doesn’t want me and the kids to sleep there yet. He’s afraid we might have asthma attacks. He said construction is still going on in adjacent blocks and there’s dust everywhere. Dust, among other things, is our number one enemy.

This is how our House looks like now.

This is how our House looks like now.

It’s actually our neighbor’s house but our house looks the exact same way. Hubby is currently talking to contractors because our house needs more work in the interior. It is still bare and we need to have partitions for rooms, some wall needs to be knocked down because we need more room downstairs.

The kids and I are excited to livein Nuvali. Living here in Metro Manila has given us nothing but allergies and asthma. Perhaps it’s time for healthy living and fresh air. See you soon Nuvali neighbors. We are on our way.

Teaching my Kid How to Count – Epic Fail!

School’s almost over, Liam and his classmates are already practicing their number for their school’s Moving Up Program. I wanted to check if he already knows his shapes, alphabet and numbers. I’m sure it will be asked in his entrance exam for big school. One morning, I decided to check his abilities. Guess what! I had an early morning laugh trip…My mom even posted about it in her Facebook page…

My apo, liam schuyler chong who is 4 years old will be taking entrance exam at xavier school nuvali. One of the requirements is he should be able to count in tagalog. He is able to count in mandarin and english even up to hundred. We have not been teaching him to count in tagalog, so when my daughter ask him to count in tagalog, it went like this:

liam: isa, dalawa, tatlo, ano gusto mo palo?

I asked my, son why he counts that way. He said “But Mom, that’s how you count in Tagalog”

See? Children learn from their parents. So, parents let’s all be good example from now on.

Big School Hunting in Laguna

Since we have plans of moving to the South soon, we have to find a school for our Little Piglet. There are lots of good schools in our area but only one of them is a Chinese School. The Tuition Fee is a little bit painful in the pocket but we are willing to give it a try.

Hubby and I have been researching and have found some really nice schools. I will inquire at these schools soon but I want to know first if Liam will pass the entrance exam to Xavier School Nuvali. One of the advantages of XSN is location. It is so near our new house. It’s just 5 minutes away by car. This was taken sometime last year when we visited Xavier School Nuvali(XSN) to inquire. Liam instantly fell in love with their playground. The school is big and there aren’t many students yet. What’s nice about it is that the Nuvali campus is coed. Xavier San Juan is still an exclusive school for boys. Maybe in the future, if our finances can still suffice, we’ll enrol shobe in the same school.


One our way to the admissions department, we were immediately greeted by English speaking Xavier students who wanted to play with Caitlin and Liam. Our talkative Little Piglet suddenly turned mute. His dad and I couldn’t help laughing. I asked him, “Ano wala ka nasabi? Hindi mo naintindihan yung English nila? Slang masyado noh?” Our Little Piglet just smiled.

At the principal’s office, Liam was asked what his name was, he was asked for his birthday, he was asked to count in English and Chinese, He was asked to sing in Chinese, He was asked for his age, he was asked what his sister’s name was, he was asked for the name of his parents and he was asked to name the color and shape of certain objects. He was able to answer everything but there was a slight problem. One of their requirements says that the child should be 5 to 6 years old by June 2013 to qualify for Kindergarten. Liam will just be 4 years and 10 months old by June. I was told to write a letter for consideration.

I don’t know what happened, I forgot to write the letter as time passed by. School is about to end in a month. Liam will be graduating from Early Achievers Learning Center as a Senior Nursery Student and we have not applied in any big school yet. Now we are running out of time. Hubby already suggested that if age will be a problem, we should just let Liam stop for a year. I said no, that is not an option.

I made the letter at once and emailed it to Xavier Nuvali. God is good. I received their reply recently that they are allowing my son to apply despite his young age. Now I am pressed for time. Their deadline for submission of requirements is on February 26 and deadline for testing is on March 1. I think I need another miracle. I hope I can complete everything before the deadline.

I hope Liam can pass the exams. And if he does, the tuition fee is another story. When enrolment time comes, I think I’ll be needing another big miracle. One small step at a time. If it is meant for him, it will be given to him. God is good. Que sera sera.


Mommy What’s This?

I was buying some medicines from Watsons one time and I had Liam with me. While I was busy talking to the Pharmacist, Liam suddenly asked a million-dollar question. “Mommy, what’s this?”


I was so shocked! Since I wasn’t  talking, he asked another question. “Is this lollipop?”

I had to think fast. What would I do? How do I explain it to him? Why on earth are those things displayed like that? Whatever happened to being discreet?

I was hoping the right words will come out of my mouth. I am not exactly the best person to go to when there’s explaining to do. I decided to tell him straight what the thing is for. No sugar coating. I glanced at the Pharmacist, and we both smiled. I’m sure she was also waiting for my explanation. I swallowed hard, but here we go…

I said, “Anak, that thing is called a condom. It is not for babies. Those things are used by adults for protection. They put it over their penis so that they won’t get sick or so that they won’t have babies.”

Liam just said…”Aaaahh, but it looks like candy.”

I said,” I know, but it’s not. Most things look like candy because they are wrapped like candy.”

He looked like he was satisfied, but I’m not sure if he understood my explanation.

How would another adult explain it to a toddler? Jeez, my son was just 3 1/2 years old during that time. My tip to drugstores, please try to put those things where children couldn’t easily see them. It would save us parents a lot of unnecessary things to explain.